Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Living room of the needle in feteFollowing the small word of Blue Turtle, and has my discussions with Clo, I precise which I go to the Living room of the needle in fete saturdays for 10h, I must find my beautiful cousin there (it is the cousin of the cheri, to locate; -) ), my super cop' S Willow, with which I made exchanges sympas (+msn + mailSSSS....) but it will be the premiere time that one will see oneself For truth besides (I would see also his mom!). If there are people who want to see me, I would make a scéance dedication between 10h00 and 10h01 in front of the entry lol, ok I joke, but I would be glad to make new meetings

7 things...Thank you Laetitia!!Questionnaire of the 7 things
7 things which I can make:
to embroider not to nibble more!! to knit at the point foams and jersey (it is already not badly!!) raler to make pastry making and to reussir all my meringues!! to please to me! to hypnotize my babies
7 things which I would like to make before dying:
To have children To be thin To have Welsh corgis russet-red pembroke See the 2e season of desperate housewife See that there is a justice in the country or I live (it is beautiful of rever!) To work dimensioned at home and that the taf is also sympathetic (reve n°2) That my beautiful mother accepts me as I am (total Utopia!!!!) 7 things which attract you in the sex: