Sunday, November 19, 2006

Today, I am really really grateful to have a pool. I wish I had central air as well! We are having a heat wave in the Boston area. Can't complain though since I swore I wouldn't after the hellish winter we experienced. And we never had spring.
This weekend, my sister is getting married. I am in the bridal party, so I will be at the rehearsal dinner and of course the wedding and the reception. I'm a little fearful of whether I will enjoy myself or not. I have always loved weddings-- I love to dance and have a good time. I wonder if the wedding will be as much fun without drinking? I've had people who have asked me whether I'm really not going to drink at the wedding, like they can't fathom anyone's doing that.
I'm trying to keep my focus on everything but the drinking. My sister's joy, the food, seeing family members I never see except at weddings and funerals. How good it will be that I won't be in an impatient hurry to get to the bar during the formal pictures. How good it will be to wake up the next day and not be hungover.
My kids are also going to be at the wedding. They are pretty excited about it although they don't want to have to dress up. They were unhappy when I laid down the law on the clothing. lol