Monday, January 22, 2007

Peek-a Poo
One little white dog , named Peekie.
Part Pekinese, part poodle. All white and all fur, fluffy. Peekapoo is what the AKC, call this breed.My real mother and her older baby, Dawne , named the puppy , Peekie.Dawne adored Peekie. She talked to that Dog from age 3 to age 15. She completely engrossed herself into the world of peekie . The beatings in the *other room* where our baby brother slept would get loud, ferocious, cruel. Dawnes world would go inside itself, a coloring book, a cat's world, a thumb in her mouth, a turtle against her cheek, a blankie over her head. Her world was silent . Very very quiet when she was young, no one heard much from her from 7-16.Shock?Maybe?The beatings were bad before that. The beatings got worse. No one will really ever know... her brain was fried by age 30. She does not function as an adult anymore, maybe she never did? She now has the mentality of an 11 year old girl, in menopause.The men that came into her life followed her life of abuse. Followed her life of sadness, followed her mind of loss.In the end..Is there an end? Not yet.. I do not know if I will see her end? She is the saddest of them all. The innocent. The baby, possibly?
sad, baby..